Leather Care Pads 20 ct

20 - 4" pre-moistened pads

When you need convenience but the task is more than a touch-up...meet Lexol Leather Care Pads! These amazing Leather Care Pads clean and condition your leather in one easy step!

The Pads are heavy-duty felt applicators, packed 20 per jar, and are saturated to ensure they do not dry out. In fact, one pad can clean and condition up to 3 times the area of one traditional quick wipe, such as multiple leather car seats, several pairs of shoes or boots, and even leather furniture.

Featuring the Lexol 3-in-1 Leather Care formula, Leather Care Pads are safe for use on light-colored leather and contains premium UV Protectant to guard leather surfaces against harmful sun damage.

  • Ideal for use on: leather auto upholstery, footwear, furniture, handbags & briefcases, sports equipment and luggage
  • Jar contains 20 heavy-duty, pre-moistened, durable applicator pads
  • Special non-darkening formula is ideal for light-colored leather
  • Contains premium UV protectant to help protect leather from harmful sun damage
  • Ultimate convenience - cleans, conditions and protects!

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